Steroids are sweeping the athletic industry destroying reputations, careers and ultimately the lives of whoever falls victim to them. Tyree Washington, four-time world champion, has seen the devastating effects that steroids leave on athletes, first hand. While never using steroids himself, he’s been affected by steroids. Teammate’s choices to use enhancing drugs, left Washington medal less. He’s seen athletes lose accolades and get banned from professional competitions in their sport because of their drug-use decision. Falling victim to this ugly trend in sports, Washington felt compelled to educate the world about the deadly affects steroids have on athletes. Thus KILLAROID was established. KILLAROID educates people, especially young athletes, about the ugly truth of sport-enhancing drugs. Through motivational speaking and the Tyree Washington Speed Academy, Washington shares his insight to help young athletes make the right decisions and power their way to be the best through hard work and self-motivation.

KILLAROID: Building clean athletes one day at a time.